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<b>Five common mistakes when learning a language<b/>

If you are learning a language, or planning to learn a language, get ready for a challenging, sometimes frustrating but consistently rewarding experience. Different learning techniques work for different people, and it can sometimes be beneficial to mix and match how you learn, particularly if you reach a stubborn plateau. But some things are true for all language learners. With this in mind, here are five common language learning mistakes and how you can avoid them:

Outstanding lessons begin in an outstanding way

The beginning of a lesson must be perfect and precise. We have never observed a lesson that began badly or even began OK, which ended in an outstanding way, with progress being made by all students. To use an analogy, the start of a lesson is like opening the traps at a race. So much energy and so much potential exists at the very beginning of any lesson. The role of the teacher is to take that energy, take those released from the traps (to continue that analogy) and take them all to the finish line. When all students experience joy and wonder, and have little awareness of the length of the lesson, that’s magic. For that magic to happen, the lesson must start perfectly