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Planning for the active classroom

Monday, 5 June 2017
Planning for the active classroom

A trained teacher loves planning for classes. He loves the possibilities the new academic year held but most of all, he loves inventing and planning schemes of work that he hopes would challenge and engage his students.

Let's fix Pakistan's broken education system

Pakistan faces a multitude of serious challenges, many of them connected to the lack of a viable education system for its poor masses. Widespread illiteracy and dismal pedagogical standards are overwhelming problems.

12 ways to improve your school's culture

It’s no secret that when searching for jobs, educators hope to find opportunities at schools that boast a friendly, open, and positive climate. Parents follow the same process as they check the area’s school system before deciding to rent or buy a house. Teachers and students spend more than eight hours a day at school and a school’s environment greatly impacts the education that takes place.

11 ways to define leadership

Thursday, 1 June 2017
11 ways to define leadership

Leadership is, of course, subjective. But its foundation stems from one thing: the ability of an individual to establish a following among other individuals or teams. Every leader has his or her own style and strategy. Further, their leadership styles and methods will vary because they are influenced by multiple factors — the modern challenges all business leaders face today (digitalization, changing regulatory and financial markets, recruiting and retaining talent) coupled with predicaments specific to their company, company size and the industry in which the business is based.