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How to engage a classroom of diverse learners

For some people, the term ‘diverse learners’ conjures the image of students who are learning disabled. Yet for a teacher, this image is an outmoded mindset. Every student has strengths and weaknesses. Every student has her own way of learning. Most importantly, every student has her own way of best expressing what she has learnt.
At first, differentiating instruction to engage every student seems like an impossible task. Yet there are small changes every teacher can make to help students become successful learners.

Building strong parent-teacher relationships

Parents are their child’s first and most influential teachers. But who comes in at a close second?
School teachers!
When parents and teachers come together to support children, the results are inspiring.
As a teacher, I felt supported by parents who trusted me. Their trust empowered me to do my best teaching. These parents also knew that they could come to me with any information, questions, or suggestions.

3 questions to ask your child's teacher before school starts

As the new school year rolls around, you and your child’s teacher have one big thing in common, even if you’ve never met before: the goal to make your child feel comfortable and ready to learn.
Ideally, you and the teacher will work together as a team to make sure your child is getting the most out of school. After all, with the typical teacher responsible for 20 to 30 students at a time, a little help from home is important. Those crucial “official” parent-teacher conferences, though, often don’t come around until weeks or months into the school year.